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Resources for Event

Here are some web sites you can contact for resource materials in preparation for your event, possible speakers and materials for door prizes and gifts.  Please check back regularly for added resources.
Creation Sabbath Other ministries are also calling for a special creation emphasis on October 24, 2014

www.gospelcreation.com   The Gospel Creation/The Gospel According to Books Series

www.creationillustrated.com   Creation Illustrated magazine

www.discovercreation.org  Alpha  Omega Institute

www.creationresearch.net   Creation Research

www.discoveringhistreasures.com    Discovering His Treasures

www.icr.org   Institute for Creation Research

www.grisda.org   Geoscience Research Institute

CreationOnTheWeb.com  Creation Ministries International


The Creation Story of Genesis 1 (Video)

Origins, The First Week of Time - Terry McComb has produced a 8 hour DVD series called, "Origins, The First Week of Time".  This is a walk through Genesis 1 showing what God made in that day and why it's important.  This DVD series is available at  www.gospelcreation.com

For the great community of Islamic faith
Allah Created in Six Days (PDF)

For great resources from the Honored Qur'an go to: www.salahallah.com

Blood Brothers, by Philip Samaan

Come Search With Me, Let's Look for God, by Subodh K Pandit